Holistic Movement

High intensity has it's proper place, but most people's lives in NYC and stress level are already intense, so adding fuel to the fire (by doing typical “no pain no gain” type workouts) will only bring you further out of balance… and further from your goals.

Most people are burned out and over eating to manage their excess stress. By prioritizing healing the body and balancing your hormones naturally - using gentle movement, breath, awareness, and the skillful use of food - you will get better, quicker, sustainable results, something that is impossible for people who keep trying so hard to be healthy and fit.

Photo: Todd Marshard @ Sky Health

Photo: Todd Marshard @ Sky Health

We aren’t born with an owner’s manual for the body. Did you know that movement can:

  • Balance your hormonal cycle.

  • Relieve emotional stress.

  • Massage the internal organs.

  • Decrease pain, sickness, and boost the immune system.

  • Release trauma and heal old injuries.

  • Cool down chronic inflammation.

Pure Strength is built on a foundation of health. If the foundation isn’t solid, the body of your dreams will forever remain elusive. Luckily, holistic movement is a wonderful way to build your foundation while learning the principles needed to take your fitness to new levels.

As you recover your vitality, movement becomes more about Pleasure and less about pain.

That’s right; just like when you were a kid, the urge to explore, express, and challenge yourself through movement will be intrinsically motivated, no discipline required. And if you enjoy moving, it’ll be easy to move every day… and every single health and fitness goal requires moving regularly. This balanced, empowering, and deeply holistic approach to movement is at the core of all of my programs.

Come learn how to take your foot off the gas pedal of life, get further faster, and enjoy the ride. #LessIsMore



A principle based, 3 week program designed to introduce the basic principles of Pure Strength to new students.

Learn how to begin to master your movement, mood, and goals using the fundamental building blocks of movements - rocking, rolling, and crawling - along with energy medicine and breath work to heal and balance your entire system.

You can learn more about the Pure Strength Elements program here.

Highly personalized, intimate, and insightful, Primal Strength allows the student to begin to use their body in complex, highly coordinated movements.

More advanced crawling patterns are introduced, along with “carries”, “get ups” and other dynamic skills that develop whole body integrated, efficiency, and power.

You can learn more about the Primal Strength program here.

Learn how to use movement to uplift yourself out of the depths of depression, anxiety, and addiction. This unique program uses Medical Qigong and is a perfect compliment to your existing medical treatment, offering something practical that you can do every day to feel better. Learn more here.


Life a fragrant flower opening towards to the light rays of the sun, our bodies have the ability to inspire, open, and flourish in the right conditions.

Our subtle life force - “qi” - is guided along the bodies meridian channels. When unobstructed, this network of consciousness creates vitality, fertility, and effortless strength. Trauma, excess tension, and even habitual thoughts and addiction all create blockages, preventing the flow of qi and creating the conditions for disease, dysfunction, and injury.

You can learn more here.

Primal Shred is a holistic weight loss program designed to empower your relationship to food and your body through mindful movement, detoxification, and awareness.

It’s radically simple and ridiculously effective, but not for everybody.

There are only 4 aspects to the Primal Fat Loss Program. Click here to learn more.

On the great fields/arenas/stages of life, there are no second chances. All the strength, skill, talent, and conditioning in the world will utterly fail at the moment of truth without the ability to master one’s own physiology. Learn how to meet life’s peak experiences with poise and perform beyond your own self-imposed limitations, whether on the stage, sports field, or board room. Learn more here.



Group Training


All disease and dysfunction occur first at a subtle energy level and from there ripple outward to the physical body. By unblocking the energy meridians, we are able to let the “chi” or life force flow throughout the body. Addressing the root cause of our imbalances allows us to heal from the inside out.

Learn More about Tai Chi & Qigong Class here.

Primal Strength is a low force health practice that uses primal movement and energy medicine (Qigong) to unify the body-mind-spirit.

Gentle movements based on Tai Chi are used to relax the nervous system and create an physiological environment that supports receptivity to new experiences. Then, primal movements re-connect every part of your body into a single, unified whole.

Click here to learn more.



Sensual Empowerment: Awakening the Wisdom Body


This intimate workshop offers both primal movement and rare Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques (gentle osteopathic manipulations, acupressure, mudra therapy, and sound healing) for rapidly shifting your body into a state of deep healing. You can read more here.



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