Pure Strength Elements

Back to basics, and it feels so good.

Back to basics, and it feels so good.


There’s nothing sexier than Radical results

This program creates the foundation for developing a healthy relationship to your body by teaching holistic movement principles through developmental movement .

Rocking, rolling, and crawling are evolution’s brilliant solution to the design problem “how do I connect all the various part of the human body to itself so they move in an integrated, highly coordinated, and powerful way?”

When we lose this high level of interconnection and communication, our bodies and minds suffer greatly: bad posture, low energy, joint pain, and eventually disease and dysfunction. Pure Strength Elements lays the foundation for all of your fitness goals and continuous cycles of growth.

The Program

  • 2 - 4x/week for 3 - 6 weeks.

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with Jonathan.

  • Primal movement (rocking, rolling, & crawling) + Energy Medicine.

  • Student commits to practicing the movements at least 5 minutes per day.

    Goal: Feeling amazing in your body and with tons of energy.

Who’s This For?

  • New mothers. (Congratulations!)

  • Highly stressed professionals.

  • Anyone just getting back into movement and exercise after a long break.

  • Anyone that feels “burnt out” from the typical “no pain no gain” fitness mono-culture.

  • Anyone that wants to learn about their body and be less judgmental towards it.



“At 6 months pregnant I was experiencing lower back and sciatic nerve pain. The primal movement Jonathan taught me provided immediate relief and felt cleansing and refreshing.

As I settled into a relaxed state, the baby perked up and did some happy dancing! And I fell into a deep sleep spontaneously.”

— Kristen Forgione


"Jonathan made me look at the gym in an entirely new way. His knowledge is really life changing.

I used to have lower back pain pretty regularly, but now it’s all gone directly because of him.”

— Chef Marc Forgione

Ready to Commit to The Best Version of Yourself?