Tai Chi & Qigong Class 


An Ancient Healing Practice

This class is fun, relaxing, and very beginner friendly! The emphasis is on healing, not martial arts.

Tai Chi is an ancient wisdom practice that uses mindful movement to heal the human body. Qigong is a form of energy medicine that uses gentle movement, tapping, breath work, and sound to balance out the body’s subtle energy channels. Both are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same system as acupuncture.

All disease and dysfunction occur first at a subtle energy level and from there ripple outward to the physical body. By unblocking the energy meridians, we are able to let the “chi” or life force flow throughout the body. Addressing the root cause of our imbalances allows us to heal from the inside out.

These practices are deeply anti-inflammatory, and therefore a powerful tool to prevent and heal most of the chronic diseases inflicting western civilization.

Each student will walk away with a custom Qigong practice they can use daily to awaken their healing potential, plus learn the Classical Wudan Dragon Gate Tai Chi form.

Jonathan’s Training

At age 6, Jonathan spontaneously began entering lucid dream states and meditating. He began martial arts that same year and has been cultivating his own energy medicine for 30 years. In 2012, he was initiated into the Dragon Gate School of Taoism, a mystery school and lineage that dates back to the 1200 A.D. That same year he began teaching tai chi and qigong in both class and 1-on-1 settings.

In 2018 he completed a three year Medical Qigong International Certification through the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto. That same year he began a custom Traditional Chinese Medicine internship with Oriental Medicine Doctor Sat Hon.

He’s personally used this beautiful practice to heal a serious neck injury (disc herniation), develop a beast of an immune system (he rarely gets sick), and maintain his radiant, youthful appearance :-) His tai chi class has been featured on TV (FOX) and his writing about Tai Chi has been published in the book “A Healthy You” (Harper Collins).

ClasS Details

When: Tuesdays 9am (55 minute class)

Where: Yoga Collective Studio in Chelsea – 135 w. 29th street #603

Fee: $30/class

Payment Required to RSVP*

*24 hour cancellation policy, as class sells out and space is limited.

Student Feedback

  • “Class was surprisingly fun. I felt deeply relaxed yet energized afterwards, and the tightness in my neck and lower back released completely.” - Ray Dente, Personal Trainer

  • “I always feel more energized after class, and I love that feeling!” - Naiying Chien

  • “The class is surprisingly educational. I feel very balanced and centered afterwards, and the breath work feels really good.” - Sheri Dubash, Physical Therapist